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Tomas wrote:
what are you actually trying to achieve?
I'm trying to make Xavante & CGILua work with lua-5.1.
I think I will follow your advice. I will rearrange them. Ha-Ha.
I will obliterate their innards. Erase & Rewrite them...
    If you can wait for a while we're already doing it.  First
Xavante is going to work with Lua 5.0 + Compat-5.1 R5 (which is the
new implementation that follows Lua 5.1).  After that, I think it will
be simple to adapt it to Lua 5.1
Ah. And are you (or Kepler Project team) planning to rewrite CGILua, to make it more `object-oriented'? I mean will it ever follow something like Factory-State pattern I described?

I dream about something like:

require "cgilua" -- somewhere in the file ``header'', NB! cgilua is required only once!
cgilua.Processor:new(SAPI):process() -- somewhere in the file innards

Clean and simple, and no need in VEnv.
(in fact, we have to wait for LuaSocket's
version for Lua 5.1 :-)
And what is the problem with LuaSocket?