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 Lets consider sandboxing require, here is problems we will encounter:
0. We can't do setfenv(require, sandbox), because it'll break global require. So we need a way to clone functions. 1. require uses registry to store loaded packages, so setfenv(require, sandbox) won't protect our package.loaded 2. We need to sandbox loaders (as well as already loaded packages). Here problems we will encounter: 2.1. CFunctions' globals are globals, LuaFunction's globals are environment variables. (Have you ever heard about this malicious difference? OP_GETGLOBAL?! Ha-Ha.). So we need to use different approaches. 2.2. Callee does not inherit environment of caller. (Ah, you've already sandboxed only caller? Now go and sandbox its children)

I worshiped design of Lua. Today I hate it (at least this `environment' vs `global' problem).
 I'm ready to listen all your thoughts.

P.S. Of cause we can use some tricks to save our souls. For example modify couroutine.create to take table as second parameter and lua_replace globals with this table. This trick can help you with some cfunctions (but not lua ones, globals are not globals for them, do you remember?). But such aberrations as require will bypass...