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Sorry, I wasn't clear on my question!

There are som binders (tolua, for example), that
allows to create and access objects methods and

I would like to creat my own binder.

I know how to bind methods, but properties are a
little trickier to me.

If I have this class

class Vector2D{
  int x;
  int y;

  int lenght();

I would like to map the method 'lenght' to the C
funcion Vector2D_lenght, the property 'x' to
Vector2D_get_x and Vector2D_set_x and the property 'y'
to  Vector2D_get_y and 

vec = Vector2D()

vec.x = 10 -- calls Vector2D_set_x
vec.y =  5 -- calls Vector2D_set_y

local x = vec.x -- calls Vector2D_get_x
local y = vec.y -- calls Vector2D_get_y

vec:lenght() -- calls Vector2D_lenght

Is there some way to provide fast access to these


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