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Hello every body,

I'm working with Lua for creating IA in virtual drivers in a traffic road simulator. I use a 3D engine written in C++ and a scheduler to trigger notably the execution of the lua vm. As I am looking for heavy realistic traffic, I try to use optimisation everywhere. This weekend I have pointed out that it can cost a non negligeable time to call the lua vm. To give you numbers: I trigger the lua vm at 0.2Hz and I have about 60 lua vm (60 virtual drivers) and I have done measurement with script that does nothing in order to see just the cost of the lua vm call. With 60 lua vm that does nothing (but called from c++) I divided the frame rate by a ratio of 1.5 compared with the same program that does not call lua vm.

Does anybody encounter similar results? what can be done to improve this?


fn:David HERVIOU
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