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paths in error tracebacks
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> I have a (Ruby) script that runs a Lua script, catches output to  
> stdout and stderr, and makes some HTML output which, among other  
> things, provides links to the file/line where an error occurred.  
> (This is for TextMate on MacOS X.)
> Unfortunately, when the path is long, the lua standalone runtime  
> 'helpfully' truncates the paths:
>  .............. 
> Ignoring the pathological directory name I have there, I have the  
> problem that the interpretter chopped off the leading "/Users/".
> Is there any way to tell the runtime NOT to do this truncation? If  
> not, would someone more familiar with the internals than I be kind  
> enough to provide a patch for 5.1 that leaves the full paths intact?

Surely this is nothing to do with Lua 5.1, but an artefact of the
C runtime system your interpreter was compiled with. How do other
applications compiled with it behave when presented with long
strings on the command line?

Gavin Wraith (
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