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The Package Compatibility (Compat-5.1) is a set of files which provides an
implementation of the new package model of Lua 5.1 to be used in Lua 5.0.
Release 5 follows the implementation of Lua 5.1 beta and final, and corrects
some implementation bugs found on Release 4:

* swap the order of C and Lua loaders from "preload", "C", "Lua" to
  "preload", "Lua", "C"

* changes in the definition of the module function

* added the package.seeall function

Compat-5.1 is free software and uses the same license as Lua 5.0.

For more information on Compat-5.1 please check
Any feedback is welcome!

Tomas Guisasola

PS. After Compat-5.1 Release 5 we will start updating some Kepler modules,
since the current versions of these modules are not supposed to be compatible
with Compat R5.