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Hi all,

I'm not sure it's a good idea. I frequently return function as variable.
For a game, I've implemented a state chart keeping state as a function pointer.

If a function without parameter is automatically call without (), I can't do something like this

function GetNextState()
   if( must_change_state )
       return my_state;

function my_state( ) ... end

Julien Hamaide
Elsewhere Entertainment

Olivier Delannoy a écrit :

It's easyer to type () than rembering names are function call one month or even a week later.

On 2/28/06, Bret Victor <> wrote:
Lisa Parratt writes:
I mention this in part because in Perl
Why does everyone always suggest features from that aborted
abomination of a language, rather than ones from SPARK, Z, or other
languages with a bit of class and back bone?
Well, the feature in question (syntactically sugary closures) is in Smalltalk
and (therefore) Ruby, both of which have class.  (Or, at least, classes.)
I imagine Perl adopted it from there.

I'm personally a fan of any syntax that makes abstraction easier to type.

Lua:  function () return foo + bar end
Smalltalk:  [ foo + bar ]