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We also, will soon be releasing a mobile high-speed data acquisition unit that extensively uses Lua scripting for configuration, data manipulation, coms management and cgi scripts. It is nice to see this acceptance in the instrumentation field - in some senses a return to Lua's roots!

We would be very interested in seeing Lua become the common thread in integrating measurement components. Hopefully we will be active contributors to the process.

Graham Henstridge
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On 28/02/2006, at 5:19 AM, Asko Kauppi wrote:

Cool, finally.

Also at least one other instrument uses Lua, internally, but the main interest in my opinion would be in the integration arena, tying the measurements etc. together. Think TestStand, LabView... Would the time be ripe?

Anyone wishing to get that done, please hire me. :P


Marius Gheorghe kirjoitti 27.2.2006 kello 18.55:

For those EE's monitoring the list, Keithley Instruments has the K2600
series of source meters that uses Lua as scripting language.

Keithley calls their implementation of Lua TSL (test script language) and
use a fairly cool Eclipse-based IDE called TSB (test script builder).

A screen capture of the help file can be seen at under Keithley TSB.

Yet another usage of Lua in an embedded environment!

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