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On 25 Feb 2006, at 21:17, Chris wrote:

It has been a while so my memory might be faulty (no pun intended) but the last time I ran my application through BoundsChecker I didn't see any problems inside Lua. This was quite a while ago using DevPartner Studio 7.2 Pro. I don't know the BoundsChecker version. Also using VS 2003 and Lua 5.0.2.

That's actually my exact configuration (but I only have BoundsChecker 7.2, not the whole DevPartner Studio suite), and there's where I get the problems...

As I'm sure you know all too well, identifying the source of these types of problems can be difficult. It could be other areas in the application corrupting the stack or memory which affects the Lua parts. Or maybe it is Lua and you're just using it differently than I am.

Yeah, quite possibly. My interface goes almost entirely through Lunar, which I also had to modify.

I would definitely be curious to know if you actually do find a problem in Lua because I haven't seen it.

I'm much more inclined to think of a bug in my own code or use of Lua, it's just that the tools I have do not report problems in my sources.