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In a large application using Lua 5.0.2 with XP Pro (Visual Studio .NET 2003), I am encountering a few difficult situations where some machines crash whereas others run the application just fine. The problems seem to be due to a memory smasher, and I have tried using DevParter BoundsChecker on the application to identify the culprit.

In doing so, BoundsChecker also reported loads of errors in Lua itself, and I was wondering whether some of them were known and/or fixed in 5.1...

For instance, when calling lua_open() for the very first time, BoundsChecker reports an uninitialized memory read in luaH_new (line 330 of ltable):

   t->metatable = hvalue(defaultmeta(L));

Several similar errors are reported in luaK_posfix() (line 653 of lcode) and other lines of the same module; in luaV_execute(), lines 496 and others of lvm, BoundsChecker also reports some pointer arithmetic range errors.

Now, most of these problems might just be BoundsChecker's own fault, but there are other, potentially more worrisome reports: a few dangling pointer errors ("Pointer 0x..., allocated by realloc, has already been freed") which might actually be real problems.

So... has anybody done any error detection with BoundsChecker on 5.0.2? Are any of these errors real/known/fixed?

Thank you,