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On Tuesday, February 21, 2006 10:07 PM, Javier Guerra wrote:
> Hi
> have anybody else seen this: ?
> it's a fast C compiler, it compiles, links and loads code in one
> pass. it's supposed to make it possible to use C as a scripting
> language, without a VM it compiles to machine language, just like
> any other C compiler).

I looked at it many moons ago. FWIW see

I wanted to port it to VC6++/Windows. As with many of my open source
projects it went nowhere. Sigh! Still waiting for the day when I
don't have to worry about bringing food to the table so that I can
do these fun projects.
> sounds fun, eh?  of course, with Mike's LuaJIT going so well, it's
> of limited value.  also, being C code, it's easy to go segfault.
> anybody can think of a use for this?  if there's any interest,
> i'll put it in

In the hope that that day is not too far off I am certainly
interested in seeing your work at preferably under the
same license as Lua (although I think TCC itself is GPL so it
doesn't matter)

-- v.a