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Mike Pall wrote:
> Please either put it in by default or leave it out. The Debian
> package already has a dependency on readline (so the bloat is
> already there). There is no reason not to add the patch by
> default. It only affects the standalone executable and only in
> interactive mode.

Some reasons not to add the patch are: it's not official functionality;
it removes the incentive to convince the Lua authors to accept the
patch; unless all distro's apply it, users still have an inconsistent

> Umm, it already has this functionality. It omits the keywords if
> you are exploring a namespace (i.e. a table). Try typing io~~~
> (replace ~ with TAB). Please don't overdesign.

I don't want the keywords to appear when exploring the global namespace.
 I could likewise say that the overdesign was adding the keywords in the
first place.