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Hi Mike,

I just wanted to give a confirmation that the patch works beautifully on

For the record, my compile flags for cygwin (for operating in cygwin,
with dynamic library loading) follow:

I use the default posix target and modify as such:
-DLUA_USE_DLOPEN" MYLIBS="-lreadline -lhistory -lncurses"

As for the command-line junkies, I wish I had discovered this patch a
long time ago; I used lua as my primary post-processing tool for a ton
of numeric text data (as well as using it to reformat it into binary
data files for professional post-processing results), and I was
constantly inside the interpreter checking my scripts. Thanks again for
a wonderful addition to the interpreter.
Keith Pimmel     ~~~~     Dynetics, Inc.     ~~~~     256.964.4717