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I'm not entirely sure that this will be possible in WoW, as I think they
use a sandbox system to prevent you from loading external libraries.
You may want to contact the Devs of WoW to make sure.  Though it's been
a while since I played WoW, I believe the only way you can get data into
and out of WoW is with a single options file specific to their system.

Good Luck!

On Sun, 2006-02-19 at 17:51 +0100, Lord Drayken wrote:
> Hi to all, I am a new subscriber of this mailing list.
> I am here because I want to write some programs with LUA for World of Wacraft.
> Specifically I want to try to use LUA code to gain access to a MySql Database.
> To do this I thought to use some DLL written in C, but I had some problems.
> I followed all the tutorials and the guides on the Web. I use VC++ 6 to build
> the DLL file on a Windows XP OS and I have downloaded latest version of LUA
> from . My problem is that in every way I try to use the loadlib
> function, the lib doesn't load.
> the return of the function is always NIL and I cant open the lib.
> Thanks a lot for the answers (even for read this my first mail).
> I hope that you understand what I wrote, my english is usally very bad.
> Thanks again.
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