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You have to wrap the fortran calls in C.

On 2/9/06, <> wrote:
> It is said in Programming in Lua (p. 205) that "Lua has been designed to
> interface easily not only with C/C++, but also with Java, Fortran and the
> like."
> This interests me with particular regard to Fortran.  For the time being, I
> am interested in making Fortran calls from Lua, not the other way around.
> However, I find in the book and in the reference manuals nothing about how
> to do this.  I assume there is an analogy with the C-specific methods, but
> even then, some examples would be helpful.
> Could anybody point me to some relevant documentation?  Does anybody on the
> list have any experience hooking Lua up to Fortran?
> Mark F. Morss
> Principal Analyst, Market Risk
> American Electric Power

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