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Derek's issue was about compiled lua bytecode, not compiling Lua itself. :)


Matthew Percival kirjoitti 7.2.2006 kello 0.00:


Is it possible to run compiled Lua on an architecture other than that
which it was compiled on? For instance, can I compile a lua script to
bytecode on an x86 platform and run the bytecode on an ARM platform?

	I compiled Lua on an x86 and run it on an ARM processor.  If you have
your arm-linux- toolchain already prepared, this is one of the easier
programs to crosscompile.  From recollection, all I did was
edit ./config so that everything was set up for Linux, and changed gcc
to arm-linux-gcc, then changed ln to arm-linux-ln in ./Makefile. It was
a very pain-free process.

	-- Matthew