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dear regular readers of this list, please just skip this message

Not to annoy anybody,
just to clarify the topic for the innocent finding this thread
in the archives when searching for Lua vs. PHP:

On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 12:02:12AM +0300, Markus Walther wrote:
> The entire document does not make any comparison Lua versus PHP - 
> therefore I am correct to say you're wrong, because you cannot draw such 
> conclusions FROM,
Obviously the document DOES make a comparison Lua versus PHP.
It compares Lua internal vs. PHP external.

It does not compare PHP internal vs. PHP external,
because using PHP internally in a single threaded single
process webserver is not an option.
That's different for both preforked (MP-)Apache and MT-Apache,
but both are much slower than lighty anyway.

As mentioned the comparision Lua external vs. PHP external
would probably show less than a 30 fold speedup,
but still a significant speedup.
But why test Lua external, if Lua, by it's very design, is suitable
to be used internal even in a single threaded single process server?

So the comparision is fair and is really a comparision of the
languages, taking all deployment conditions into account.
Without any external references, for this application,
a single threaded single process webserver, the best you can do
with Lua is 30 times faster than what you can do with PHP.

best regards