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Hi Varol Kaptan

I'm interested since I have to replace that luareadline module somehow
in my program. The source disappeared and I don't have a copy.


varol kaptan schrieb:
> If anybody is interested, I have created a lua readline module based
> on the advanced readline patch which uses readline in asynchronous
> mode. I use it with luaglut to provide a lua command prompt to a
> running glut application.
> Varol Kaptan
> On 2/5/06, Mildred <> wrote:
>> On Sun, 05 Feb 2006 14:41:16 +0100
>> Jean-Louis Fuchs <> wrote:
>> Hi
>>> If anyone has the source of luareadline, which used to be here:
>>> I'd appreciate if you could
>>> email it to me.
>> There is a problem with the URL :
>> "This project is currently not available for public viewing."
>> If you are interested, there was also a patch to implement advenced
>> readline support in lua (with history and tab key) ... I use it evry
>> time I use lua, very useful so I implemented it in lua 5.1
>> Mildred
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