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	Hi Chris,

        I've just tried with Windows XP and it does what was expected:
a table is returned in case of an existing directory and nil followed by
an error message in case there is no directory.  I have no idea why it
is not behaving like this in your case :-(

I am also using WinXP. For me, lfs.attributes(somedir) is returning
nil if somedir has either a '/' or a '\\' on the end.
my lfs.dll (in C:\Program Files\Kepler\lib\lfs.dll) does not have any
version info attached to it, but it was created on 7/18/2005.
	I'm sorry but we'll have to correct the library for that
particular behavior.  In Linux, it doesn't matter if the directory
has a '/' at the end :-(
	If you want, I can send you a new version.