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	Hi John and Mike,

There is a deviation between standard Lua and Debian Lua about
the module installation paths. IMHO it would be helpful to
resolve this _now_ (i.e. before the release of Lua 5.1 final).

Lua 5.1 default: ${prefix}/lib/lua/5.1  ${prefix}/share/lua/5.1
Debian Lua 5.1:  ${prefix}/lib/lua5.1   ${prefix}/share/lua5.1
Personally I don't care whether there's an intermediate slash or
not. But I would like to see _one_ standard. Either standard Lua
or Debian should be changed IMHO. It will needlessly complicate
support on the mailing list if there are two variations out
there. Module authors won't appreciate this either.

Proposal: The slash-less variant is simpler and matches e.g. the
Python conventions. This means standard Lua should be changed. If
this cannot be considered for the final release anymore, then
Debian Lua should be changed.
	I agree with you except in that last proposal because
the convention adopted by standard Lua was discussed in this list
some time ago and it is being used by more than a year with success.
The argument that it "is simpler and matches e.g. the Python conventions"
seems weak.
	Anyway I agree that it would be better to adopt _one_