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Edgar Toernig wrote:
Chris Marrin wrote:
errno is pointless.  Unlike C, Lua has multiple return values.
And I would suggest to use strings like "ENOTEMPTY" instead of
errno numbers.  The numbers are totally useless.

I agree. Perhaps old habits are hard to forget...

PS: I don't like the name osex.  I'd simply put them into os.

Me too. It may be embarrassing if later somebody ask if osex is safe...
Indeed, they could go on os, or perhaps in fs as Rici points out.

I wonder, for putenv/setenv. In Linux, does this change the global environment, or just the environment of the current process? In WinNT, it is possible to do either. In Win9x, it is near impossible to change global environment, unless changing AUTOEXEC.BAT and rebooting, or using some low level trick (I know a MS exe is able to do this).

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