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On Wednesday 18 January 2006 3:58 pm, Asko Kauppi wrote:
> I think for a Solaris user, it would be much more pleasant to find a
> ready-made target for him, out there.
> You might add a comment line, just prior to each target, of who's the
> contact person for that? :)  Would it be too.. daring?

i think the safer way would be to include only known good platforms in the 
makefile and put some other recipes in the README, as "believed to work".

> And please, only readline-enabled. Working with Lua without history
> is a chore, and it's better people install the readline, or modify
> Makefile, than think Lua sucks because of the command line.

IMHO, it would be far worse for a user to check the requirements and discard 
it because "it wants some weird extra thing", or even worse, try to install 
it and discard it because it didn't compile.  MacOS users are VERY picky, it 
either works at the first try, or it's junk.  (users, not developers, of 


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