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There's bugs in every software, anyhow.

I think for a Solaris user, it would be much more pleasant to find a ready-made target for him, out there.

You might add a comment line, just prior to each target, of who's the contact person for that? :) Would it be too.. daring?

And please, only readline-enabled. Working with Lua without history is a chore, and it's better people install the readline, or modify Makefile, than think Lua sucks because of the command line.


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo kirjoitti 18.1.2006 kello 20.34:

- Solaris works fine with the "posix" target. But if you want
  to enable dynamic loading: it needs "-ldl", but not "-Wl,-E".
  In case you want to support it officially:

I feel uneasy at adding more "official" targets to the Makefile; it seems to imply that we have tested them all, but we only have convenient access to Linux and Mac OS X (convenient in the sense that we can readily test
any changes).

It seems to me that community effort is needed for supplying the correct
incantations for each platform -- the community is being great with
that. But, as Mike says, do we really want to have two targets for each
platform, one with say readline or dynamic loading, and one without?

I'm not sure what to do. We can just include those incantations suggested
by the community and hope that they work; but we cannot test them all.
What is worse, "solaris" or "bsd" or "macosx" may not mean the same thing
to different persons...