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The new manual is a real pleasure. In particular, the documentation
for lauxlib, is very appreciated. Thanks a lot to the Lua authors for
the hard work they put into it! I however found a few typos, that I
listed below:

Section 2.9:
"You can change the environment of a Lua function of the running
thread calling setfenv."
The second "of" looks like it might be an "or".

Section 2.10:
"you do not have to worry about allocating memory for new objects not
about freeing".
The second "not" should probably be a "nor".

Section 3.7, lua_pushstring:
"The string cannot embedded zeros". The word "contain" seems to be missing.

Section 4.1, luaL_gsub:
"any occurrence any occurrence".
"wth the string" (missing i).

Also, the string "(see )" appears three times in the document
(Sections 2.7 and 3.8).

A final note: in the HTML, the functions from the C API are anchored
with their name, which makes looking up the documentation of a
function wonderfully easy (e.g. manual.html#luaL_typename).
Unfortunately, Lua functions from the standard libraries are prefixed
with "pdf-". It's no big deal, but is there a reason for that ?

Julien Cugnière