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On Sat, 2006-01-14 at 20:09 -0600, David Gish wrote:
> On Jan 14, 2006, at 5:16 PM, PA wrote:
> "componentWithAURL"
> "registerAPIs"
> "getCPUID"
> The first one's a bit contrived, I admit, but the symbol table of any 
> moderately sized program probably contains more than a few like these. 
> As someone once said, "The problem with making something idiot-proof is 
> that idiots are so clever."

I'm not sure whether you're trying to read particular camel case entries
(for a pre-defined Wiki environment or something like that), but it's
cases like the one above which have made me prefer the
"componentWithAUrl" style camel-case (where the second and subsequent
letters of an acronym are lower-case).  I'm not sure what that
particular camel-case style is called.

The advantage is that since acronyms are always treated as words ("Which
URL were you using?") they are split properly.  Of course they don't get
capitalised properly but you have the same issue with the
"componentWithAURL" case anyway.

My 2c,
- Mab