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Here is what I have presently:

( "componentWithName" ):gsub( "%u?%l+", print )

> component
> With
> Name

However this doesn't quite cover all potential cases, specially acronyms (e.g. "componentWithURL"):

Such limitations are inherent to "camel case" (aka "inner-caps"). For example, there is no way to parse "componentWithURLAndParameters" with a simple regular expression. The solution is to use a limited dictionary containing "URL" and any other problematic tokens. Then you parse in two phases:

1. Parse dictionary terms:
	"componentWithURLAndParameters" ->

	> "componentWith"
	> "URL" (flag as dictionary term)
	> "AndParameters"

2. Parse "camel" cases for each resulting token into a secondary buffer, passing dictionary terms unchanged:

	> "component
	> "With"
	> "URL"
	> "And"
	> "Parameters"


David Gish
Senior Systems Engineer
Aspyr Media