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It's a bit different whether you load the script by -lmyscript or as myscript.lua.

Here's some code I use in Hamster, to come around this. Perhaps it will help?

local main= "main"    -- main script

-- Finding subscripts:
local LUA_PATH= rawget(_G,"package") and package.path
                                      or os.getenv("LUA_PATH")
if not LUA_PATH then
    error "LUA_PATH environment variable not set."

rawset( _G, "MY_PATH", false )

for pat in string.gfind( LUA_PATH, "[^;]+" ) do
    local try= string.gsub( pat, "?", "hamster" )

    local fh=,"r")
    if fh then
        MY_PATH= string.gsub(try,"hamster%.lua","")

-- Actual application code:
local m= dofile( MY_PATH..main..".lua" )

return m

Chris Gurtler kirjoitti 14.1.2006 kello 5.09:

Thank you,

Do you have an example of this?

CHU Run-min wrote:

IMHO, you should make a state variable which indicates the current
executed script file.