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On 1/13/06, Chris Gurtler <> wrote:
> I have an application which will load 2 or more Lua Script files and I
> would like to hold some data along with each script file.
> As an example, my application calls lua_dofile file for each script as
> follows :-
> lua_dofile(L1, "file_1")
> lua_dofile(L2, "file_1")
> Later in the code I have a function which is called from the script
> file, but I want to determine which file has made the call.

Well, you need to decide which you're REALLY trying to identify: the
file chunk which is at the top of your callstack, or the lua_State
it's executing in. For the former, you can use the debug functions.
The latter will require slightly more complicated methods (at least in