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On 13-Jan-06, at 3:05 PM, varol kaptan wrote:

Actually, Mac OS X 10.4 has libedit (which has a readline emulation
layer). Previous versions of  Mac OS X didn't have it (as far as
remember they had it as a private framework only, not for general
consumption). I've found that libedit causes crashes when used with
the advanced readline patch from the wiki (but that's
not part of lua proper, so it may be ok).

Mac OS X 10.3 has <histedit.h> in /usr/include, and it seems to work.
However, the version distributed with 10.3 does not include the
readline emulation support distributed with more recent versions of
libedit (which, confusingly, put the readline emulation header in

libedit comes from NetBSD, and is under the BSD licence rather than
the GPL. The simple use of readline in Lua could easily be achieved
with libedit's basic functionality; the emulation library attempts
to duplicate readline's hundreds of global variables, etc., and
may not be a perfect match :)