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On 12 Jan '06, at 1:30 PM, James Harrison wrote:

When i'm trying to compile LuaSQL 2.0.1 on a Linux 2.6 system, I get a

huge number of errors all stemming from

src/ls_mysql.c:19:19: mysql.h: No such file or directory


Any ideas? I've checked all the download folders and mysql.h isn't

there, and it's not available from any of their site links.

That header is part of MySQL itself, not LuaSQL, so it seems like you have to have MySQL (or at least its headers) installed on that machine to be able to build. For example, on my OS X machine it's in /usr/local/mysql/include/. It might well be in a different place on your Linux box. Try using 'locate mysql.h' to find it, then update the include paths in the makefile accordingly.