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	Hi James,

When i'm trying to compile LuaSQL 2.0.1 on a Linux 2.6 system, I get a
huge number of errors all stemming from

	All your problems are here:
src/ls_mysql.c:19:19: mysql.h: No such file or directory
	You have to indicate where are the header files in order to
let the compiler do its job :-)  LuaSQL distribution does not provide
the MySQL header files nor the libraries.  You have to use a previous
installation (you Linux distribution must have one) or you can download
it from MySQL site and install it.

I'm compiling only for mySQL, nothing else. I have Lua 5.1 Beta
installed, and compat set up properly for LuaSQL. I get the same
problems with Lua 5.0.
	By the way, you don't need Compat-5.1 with Lua 5.1.

	Hope this helps.