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Thanks for taking the initiative to push this forward. :)

I'd be willing to "talk", or present my work in some other format. The candidates would be:

* Lumikki, site creation using XML spiced with Lua macros

I've essentially rewritten Lumikki during December, and it is a solid, albeit extremely small XML preprocessing system. I see many potential gains in using it, currently ImageMagick integration (picture crops etc.) is built-in, in the future also server-side features (dynamic picture albums) most likely shall be.

* LuaX, when re-incarnated :)

Currently, LuaX is getting re-woken from it's 10 months of Beauty sleep. I shall try to make it use stock Lua, so no core-level changes would be needed. This would also bridge the gap there's seemingly been, between things like luaSocket, and LuaX modules s.a. SDL graphics. I can already compile LuaX modules into "stock" 5.1 Lua, which is half way there.

The gains LuaX gives, compared to native Lua/C API are among other things better (imho) binding macros, and a unifor object (tbd) and enum synthesis, which benefits application level scripts.

Risk is that this work is still too immature by May, since I have to rebuild (tear down) much of the older infrastructure in the process. I could make a demo, though.

* Hamster, building your sw using Lua

Hamster is the most mature of the packages, and I just updated it to Lua 5.1 compatibility (works with 5.0 as well). I think it's still rather unknown by many, and would be a nice realization that one can actually do all his "makefiles" as normal Lua scripts, if one wants. Very, very similar to SCons but that one is in Python.

Hamster can use SCons, but it can also work against normal gnu/BSD/MS make backbones.

* Building packages of Lua scripts

Both Lumikki and Hamster are being packaged for dpkg (apt-get), fink (OS X), and ipkg (NSLU2 embedded Linux). Maybe by then also Maemo (Nokia 770). So one topic could be, just how to achieve this and how the different packaging models differ, looked from a 100% Lua application viewpoint.

Strong connection to LuaBinaries on this topic, which would be worth a talk of its own (not by me, by "them"). :)


Daniel Silverstone kirjoitti 9.1.2006 kello 13.24:


Late last year we got a very generous offer to host the 2006 Lua
workshop in Venlo at the headquarters of Océ.

In order to make the 2006 Lua workshop a reality we need a commitment
from more people to attend. In particular last year's workshop saw 60
attendees yet so far we only have 17 people registered for this year's

We also need to start nailing down dates a little more, so I am
proposing that we consider the week of the 15th May.

Also, in order to make the workshop actually work, we need more
volunteers for presentations and talks, workshops etc. So far we have
myself offering to speak about Aranha and Mike Pall offering to speak
about LuaJIT. Last year, in only a two day conference, we saw around
fifteen different talks ranging from one about the internals of
LuaSocket, through uses of Lua with molecular biology and into the
realms of games and embedding.

We can't get anywhere without support from the community. If we're
planning for a two day event like last year then we need many more talks
and attendees to register before we can commit to doing this.

Last year's workshop was detailed here: wshop05.html
Current plans for this year's are here:

If you can't use a wiki then you can ask me directly to add you to the
page, although I'd prefer it if you added yourself.

To help organisation I've added info on timings, three new columns to
the talks table and a new column to the attendance table. For the talks table the columns are "min time" "max time" and "talk vs. workshop". The
min/max time should be obvious -- I.E. the minimum amount of time you
want for your talk and q/a and the maximum amount of time you feel you
can keep the audience interested in your presentation/workshop. The last
column is quite simply the level of audience participation expected.
E.g. you may simply give a straight presentation with a q/a session in
it, or you may instead be doing an interactive tutorial. The latter
would require that attendees have a laptop or be prepared to share
laptops (unless Océ can offer us a lab of PCs to use or something). The
added column to the people table is simply whether or not the proposed
timing for the conference is acceptable.

Please help us to get this show on the road by registering your
intention to attend and where possible any talks you'd be prepared to

Thanks in advance,


Daniel Silverstone PGP mail accepted and encouraged. Key Id: 2BC8 4016 2068 7895