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Hey there. For the past 18 months I've been running a free, open-source,
cross-platform, 2D role-playing game project, using C++ for the game engine and
Lua for data and scripting. The game is called Hero of Allacrost and our website
is at

Previously myself and another programmer on our team worked on the C++ and Lua
integration code (we were both complete Lua neophytes and taught ourselves).
The other programmer has recently left due to personal reasons. After some
thought, I decided that I can't handle this part of the engine code by myself
because I have too much other work to do on this game (I also work on the audio
engine, map exploration engine, write the story, and admin the site/forums). So,
we're hoping that someone with advanced Lua knowledge/expreience is interested
in our project and would like to help out.

>>> What You'll Be Doing
1) Continuing the work on integrating C++ to Lua, and vice versa
2) Sharing your expertise with the other programmers on the staff and helping us
make key design decisions, mostly in Lua-related topics but also elsewhere
3) Writing Lua scripts to do such things as scripted movement of sprites, battle
animation effects, etc (this is the real fun part, IMO)

>>> What's Expected of You
- Moderate knowledge of C++ or better
- Advanced knowledge of Lua, and integration of Lua with C++
- Great communication skills, ability to function well in a development team
- Enthusiasm and interest toward the game itself (this is important!)
- Ability to write comments, and not just code.
- A few hours a week of your time, or whatever you can give us; No need for huge
time commitment
- Any O/S you develop on is fine. We have programmers on Linux, Windows, and Mac
OS X on our team right now and the game runs on all three platforms ;)

Because this game is not-for-profit, we can not offer you financial
compensation. Everyone currently on <a
href="";>our staff</a> works for the
fun of it and to gain new skills and experiences. And it is fun being a part of
our team too, if I may say so myself. At least, I've enjoyed it enough to keep
this up for a year and a half now. :)

>>> More Information

It has been somewhat neglected lately, but it gives a good overall view of our
game and purpose.

Full Job Ad:
This is our professional-looking advertisement, which goes into more detail
about our project, our team, and shows some example artwork as well. You can
also read that we are well-respected by the community at GameDev and that a lot
of people there have faith in our abilities.

C++/Lua Source Code:
These two files are pretty much everything that has been done to date for the
work you'll be taking over, as far as the C++/Lua interfacing code is

Quick Start:
This is a guide for new developer's on how to use the fundamental components of
the engine we've designed for this game. It's a good over-all picture of how
the game operates and how everything is put together.

>>> Contacts
If you are interested in helping us out, send an e-mail to
jobs_@AT_allacrost_DOT._org and please include the following information:

- A little infomation about yourself and who you are
- Background knowledge and experience
- Your availability (even if only a few hours a week, we will still consider
- Demonstration/proof of your skills (links to past projects, sample code you've
done, etc.)
- Why you want to work for the Allacrost project

If you have any questions or would like clarrification on something, I would be
happy to take those personally. Thanks, and happy coding!

- Tyler Olsen
Hero of Allacrost -