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Definately so.

Then again, in many cases s.a. SDL this inevidently leads to problems turning sample C application code to work with Lua. If the C code has (value != 0) checks or similar, they simply won't work.

It is nevertheless always better to adjust to the "native" look and feel of a given language, if someone has a silver-bullet solution to this, I'd like to hear. But I think there isn't.


Rici Lake kirjoitti 8.1.2006 kello 21.09:

I forgot to mention my favorite bugbear in API bindings.

C does not have a true boolean type, so it typically uses 0 and non- zero integers. Given APIs typically either return 0/failure 1/ success or 0/success non-zero/error or 0/success -1/look in 'error' for the error or...

That's a pain, and it should not be translated to Lua APIs. Lua provides a clear mechanism for error returns (well, two of them if you include the pcall convention). OS interfaces which simply return the integer result are, in my opinion, un-Lua-like and unnecessarily thin. (And as awkward as the original C interface.)