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From: []On Behalf Of Jens Alfke
 I'm curious whether anyone is thinking about a high-level Rails-like framework for Lua, to run atop Kepler? There are already quite a few Rails knockoffs sprouting up for other languages, such as Cake for PHP, and Lua's flexibility and high level of introspection would make it well-suited, I think. (Plus, Lua is considerably faster/smaller than Ruby, right?)
Well, there is Orbit, a MVC framework for Kepler that is somewhat like Rails. The plan is to integrate it with Saci, a LuaSQL based ORM, (equivalent to ActiveRecord) and use it as a higher abstraction over CGILua.
But this is all still preliminary work (both Orbit and Saci are in pre-alpha) and our focus now is on platform documentation and the new release of Kepler and its current set of libraries.
André Carregal