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Todor Totev wrote:
> Other, more interesting issue, is that time_t is 64bit value in this CRT.
> So compiler complains that
> ..\..\src\loslib.c(182) : warning C4244: 'function' : conversion from  
> 'time_t' to 'lua_Number', possible loss of data
> I don't know how and if this will affect lua in short term (if I remember  
> correctly 32bit time_t will serve us till year 2038 or so).

Well, depends on the type of lua_Number. A float can't hold even
a 32 bit time_t with single second accuracy as of 2005 (we are at
0x43aa**** right now). A double can hold the time with single
second accuracy for another 285 million years. Good enough?

But a double cannot accurately represent every 64 bit integer.
That's what the compiler is complaining about.

In fact when you change lua_Number to anything else than a double,
you will get tons of warnings. Some can be ignored, some better
not be ignored. It's tough to remove all of the harmless ones for
every compiler out there.