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If the target is to remove compiler warnings -

As much as we can :)

I tried to compile lua 5.1-beta with Visual Studio 2005.
It gives myriad of complains about so-called "deprecated" functions
which is un-avoidable, because Microsoft wants everyone to use
the _s variants of those functions.
My personal oppinion is that actually is a good idea but unfortunatelly
no other C run-time library support these functions.
The idea I lime most is to put in the documentation a note that
these warnings can be turned off by using preprocessor define


or turning off the warning with #pragma for lua source.

Other, more interesting issue, is that time_t is 64bit value in this CRT.
So compiler complains that

..\..\src\loslib.c(182) : warning C4244: 'function' : conversion from 'time_t' to 'lua_Number', possible loss of data

I don't know how and if this will affect lua in short term (if I remember correctly 32bit time_t will serve us till year 2038 or so).

Hope this helps,