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On Tuesday 20 December 2005 15:55, Eduardo Ochs wrote:
> error("Bla!")

Ah --- didn't realise you were using error(). The default implementation 
which, if I've managed to find it correctly is in lua.c, explicitly writes to 
stderr. It doesn't go through the Lua I/O layer.

I'd say you probably have three choices:

(a) do something OS specific which I don't know about.
(b) patch lua.c to write to stdout instead of stderr.
(c) change your script to execute all code inside a pcall wrapper, so that you 
can provide your own error reporter that writes to stdout.

Assuming Windows is reasonably Posix, it *may* be possible to simply tell it 
to line buffer stdout and stderr --- this will normally do what you want. 
setlinebuf() should do this. I don't know if this works on Windows, though.

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