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>>Persisting JIT code is a bag of worms that I'm not
really >>qualified to open.

All tests pass except for Thread resume and Open
upvalues. I haven't tried much other than pptest.lua.
You can remove my bug at luaforge, it's not Pluto.

>>only save/restore data structures (and not
coroutines) then the >>combination of LuaJIT and Pluto
would probably work

It seems unfeasible given the nature of LuaJIT, but
the two seem to work. I can use it as-is for my
purposes but it would be fun to resume coroutines.

>>this is more a problem with Coco than with LuaJIT. 

True the issue is in Coco, not LuaJIT or Pluto. I
don't know if it can unpersist yet. For me any
coroutine.resume() blows up.

Can you confirm this to crash an unmodified
co = coroutine.create(function(x) print(x..', plz')
end ) 
coroutine.resume( co, 1 ) 

Thanks again,

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