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Gavin Wraith wrote:
> I hope this is not too off topic. I have a query
> about acceptable behaviour on wikis, in particular
> the Lua wiki.
> On the relatively few occasions when I see mistakes
> in English spelling or grammar, or when I find a
> sentence that is hard to understand, I have this urge
> to wade in and make corrections. On one or two
> occasions I have given in to this urge. Am I being
> an obsessive, arrogant cultural imperialist or am I
> doing the wiki a favour? My lazy nature finds it easiest
> to do nothing. Any opinions on the right thing to do?

In the case that the text isn't written in the first person, by all
means please fix such mistakes.  Otherwise it's more of a gray issue--
I'd say use your best judgment.  For example, reorganizing sentences of
text written in the first person and signed probably isn't appropriate.

Refer to the first point on <>.