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Hmm.... Remember that some of us are not native english speaking, and we try our hardest to write understandable english. I have personal no problems with you fixing my grammar or spelling.

If you one day write in danish somewhere I would gladly return the favor ;-)


Gavin Wraith wrote:
I hope this is not too off topic. I have a query
about acceptable behaviour on wikis, in particular
the Lua wiki.
On the relatively few occasions when I see mistakes
in English spelling or grammar, or when I find a
sentence that is hard to understand, I have this urge
to wade in and make corrections. On one or two
occasions I have given in to this urge. Am I being
an obsessive, arrogant cultural imperialist or am I
doing the wiki a favour? My lazy nature finds it easiest
to do nothing. Any opinions on the right thing to do?