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Boyko Bantchev wrote:
On 11/24/05, Philippe Lhoste <> wrote:
...I thought it was a common term in functionnal programming.
Well, there is no definition of that word in Wikipedia
And searching upvalue in Google brings around 950 answers, half that if
I exclude the Lua word...

Googling on upvalue finds nothing in
I personally don't recall to have seen the word upvalue in texts
related to these languages.

So it is me mixing up things I don't know well :-P

I believe upvalues has a sense in Lua 4.0 and before, where you needed a special syntax to access local variables of upper scope. There was/is a thing with "captured (or frozen) value" with which I was never comfortable with, coming from a procedural world... I don't even know if this trick is still possible in the lexically scoped Lua.

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