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Boyko Bantchev wrote:
On 11/22/05, Chris Marrin <> wrote:
For the record, the only place except Lua that I find the word
`upvalue' in use is Mathematica, where there are `downvalues'
as well: .
However, Mathematica's use of `upvalue' is different.

Uh? I thought it was a common term in functionnal programming.

Well, there is no definition of that word in Wikipedia, the only hit is in this Lua article:

And searching upvalue in Google brings around 950 answers, half that if I exclude the Lua word...

Funny, while searching, I found this page:,289483,sid10_gci833537,00.html

It seems Lua is used in CICS and OS/390, fields which are unknown for me. The funny part is that I found my name in the article! It is a bit embarrassing, as there are lot more good examples of Lua programming than that, and it didn't shown a lot of Lua features...
Plus it has the old URL and the \n were transformed in single n


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