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On 11/25/05, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:
> > How is 5.1? It seems to have some great new features, but some of the
> > bug reports posted here seem fairly critical.
> Are you sure? I don't remember any bug that could be called "critical"
> either in 5.1 alpha or beta. (Actually, I couldn't find a single bug
> report for 5.1 beta...)

Yeah sorry, I probably shouldn't have worded it that way, it sounds
much worse than I intended. I've just been looking at the titles for
some of the recent messages like "5.1-beta-rc seg fault on
luaopen_io(L)" and "5.1 beta problem linking luac against .so". You're
right though, the contents of the messages seem to point to user
errors and not those in lua 5.1.

    John Labenski