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I've updated my earlier Mac patch (for Lua 5.0.2)
for Lua 5.1 (beta), as it hadn't been included ?
(throws up a dialog for arguments, on old Mac OS)

I also rewrote the library handling for Mac OS
to native, and not depend on a "compat" library:
(adds support for Mac OS "CFM" shared libraries)

This has been tested on Mac OS X 10.3, running a
CFM version of luaglut - all dynamically loaded!

It works fine in regular Mac OS 9 too, as tested
by running it in the Classic environment as well.

Note that CFM libraries do not have file suffixes.
(while loadable Mach-O ones usually have .bundle)


Also did a Lua.xcode, for building a Lua.framework.
But that didn't really require any code changes...