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On 19 Nov '05, at 4:35 AM, Manfred Lotz wrote:

I'm running FreeBSD and I downloaded luasocket-2.0-beta3. I could build

it and when trying a small test script I got errors. 

I had similar problems getting any C libraries to load on Mac OS X. The 'lua' executable needs to export the symbols in the Lua C API, so that libraries it loads can call them; but the makefile 'install' target was stripping all symbols out of the executable.

Here's my solution; I have never developed for other Unix platforms so I don't know if this would work on them. This is for Lua 5.0.2, btw.

I edited the top-level 'config' file's STRIP definition:

STRIP= strip -s src/lua.exp -i

Then I created a file src/lua.exp:

# lua.exp -- symbols to export from Lua executables that load Lua compiled libraries


# liblualib: