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This has been nagged out before, but I'll repeat with BIG FRIENDLY LETTERS:

Do NOT reply to an existing message, just to get your voice on the list (concerning something completely different). Proper email clients do keep threads together, even though their subjects change. I was looking for "Lua with C#", and all 5 replies were about this.

Just use the 'new' button and send a completely new message, starting a thread. Thanks. :)


Mark Meijer kirjoitti 16.11.2005 kello 11.21:

Hi all,

For some reason, reading in an entire file, for example with simple test code like this, doesn't appear read the whole file:

local file ="infile", "r");
if(file) then
local data = file:read("*a"); -- i've also tried "*all" as described in PIL
  file ="outfile", "w");
  if(file) then

So far, I have used lua in a couple of projects but never noticed this problem before, although I'm not sure that I've actually used this specific functionality before. When the data is dumpwritten to a new file, it is way too small. Writing string.len(data) to the output file instead, also shows this same (too small) size, so that would indicate the problem is either in reading the file, or simply in determining the length of the resulting string in memory (be it in the call to file:write or to string.len). But the latter doesn't seem likely as lua keeps explicit record of the length of a string, so I suspect the problem is somewhere in reading the file.

The file where the data is written to does contain the actual data of the file that was read, it just seems to be truncated (one example case was a 500KB file being read and resulting in a 9KB file, approximately). The resulting output file size is consistent between runs for the same input file, but it's different for different input files.

I'm using lua 5.0.2 and compile it into static libraries, and include the luasocket and luafilesystem libraries into the build, also static. My app is single-threaded and I link everything to the single-threaded static run-time. So, everything is statically linked and I end up with one big self-sufficient executable. I don't use any funny compiler options (as far as I know, I just made my own project from the VC6 IDE and set optimisations either to maximize speed or minimize size). I still need to do a debug build of the library and trace through the code to track down the exact location of the problem, but I was wondering if anyone might have had this problem before, or might know a likely cause.