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Jens Alfke wrote:
> >     In Mac OS X 10.4, dlopen was rewritten to be a native part of  
> >dyld.
> So in 10.4 it should definitely not require additional libraries. Not  
> sure about 10.3, although I can't think of what library it would be  
> in if it weren't in libSystem.

Yes, but the dlopen() emulation uses dylibs. This is fine for
regular C libraries, but not a good match for Lua modules. The
native Mach-O API allows using bundles (which can be unloaded).
So Lua 5.1 on Mac OS X should be built with -DLUA_DL_DYLD
(no extra linker switches or libraries needed).

[This is no different for Windows: there are many dlopen()
emulations built on top of LoadLibrary. Still it's better
to use the native API.]