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> []On Behalf Of Roberto
> Sent: Friday, November 11, 2005 4:23 PM
> Subject: Re: Lua 5.1 (beta) now available
> This seems the perfect job to be done outside the distribution,
> by somebody else (so people do not complain with us if it has
> some bug :) We can even add some comment about that in luaconf
> (something like "see the Lua wiki for instructions on how to
> compile Lua for other numeric types").

That brings up a related question about the Lua standard binary

I'm surely not qualified to interpret the configuration subtleties that Mike
pointed out, but would it make sense to think in as providing the
complete source for any use of Lua and in Lua Binaries as the way to
distribute Lua standalone libraries and applications (command line
interpreter or not)?

Both Kepler and Tecgraf will continue to use Lua Binaries for Lua 5.1, but
it would be important to know if more people would be interested in using it
as a binary standard for Lua standalone applications.

For more information on Lua Binaries: