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> * Have you ever seen PiL in a bookstore shelf?
Nah. I look for it when I'm in a bookstore, but haven't seen it yet.

> * How much does that matter to real sales?
> * Are technical books sold mainly online?

I've long since given up on finding useful tech books at Barnes&Noble;
they're all about "Teach yourself C++ in 4.3 femtoseconds" and "Game
programming for toddlers". I assume most techies feel the same way.
Beyond clear standbys like the Camel book and K&R books on C,
bookstores have their heads in the sand WRT book selection.

> * How much the publisher actions impact a book sales?
> * How much the publisher's name impact a book sales?
O'Reilly has a good reputation for quality (though it's gone
downhill). Everyone else I put on about equal footing. I always read
reviews before buying, but I'll tend to look at O'Reilly first.